Cemetery Logs For Gathering Genealogy Information

Going on a successful trip to a cemetery to take photos, record information, or do a headstone rubbing requires a bit of advance planning.  The problem with other cemetery logs and transcription forms that we've seen is that the information isn't laid out logically, or there are important items missing.  Because some of our own genealogy trips have taken us to as many as a dozen cemeteries in a single weekend, we designed our own cemetery log that is user friendly and enables us to be more productive with our time.

Cemetery log sheetOur cemetery log sheet is colorful, easy to understand and complete, and will help you plan a better trip. You'll be completing the information you already know before visiting a cemetery, and will then complete the rest from your ancestor's headstone.

Be Prepared For Your Cemetery Visit

The key to any cemetery visit is to get the location of your ancestors grave before visiting the cemetery.  This will save you countless hours.  If the cemetery is still actively managed, you'll be able to get a map of the cemetery and the exact location of the grave(s) from the cemetery's office.   It's usually best to call the cemetery in advance and request that this information be mailed to you.  If it is an older cemetery that is no longer actively managed, chances are that someone has already walked the cemetery and recorded the names by section and row.  If you can't find this information on the Internet, try contacting the local genealogy society where the cemetery is located.

Our cemetery log sheet is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format so that you can save it to disk now for later printing.

Download and save Cemetery Log now

(Don't forget to save the PDF file to your PC after it comes up in your browser.)

If you need to obtain the free Adobe® Acrobat® PDF software, you may download it directly from their site.

A Very Gorgeous Poem About Finding Ancestors During A Cemetery Visit

There is a really gorgeous poem about finding an ancestor's headstone on our free poems page. This heart-warming poem is a must-have for anyone planning a cemetery visit, or anyone who has already visited a cemetery in search of their ancestors. We know you'll really enjoy having it for your own!  It will be the first and second poem (two versions) on that page. To commemorate Family History Month in October 2013, we put this very poignant and moving poem to video which you can watch below or on YouTube at any time by simply doing a search for "Dear Ancestor poem" on their website.


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