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Genealogy Web Sites

Whether you're looking for marriage records, birth records, death records, land records, census records, immigration information, historic maps, old newspaper records, biographies, or published family trees, there are thousands of web sites with genealogy information at your disposal. If you're new to genealogy research on the Internet, here are just a few of the ones that we use often and which we'd recommend you visit.

Our Recommended Genealogy Web Sites

  • Genealogy.Com - Genealogy.com is one of the premier genealogy web sites that offer a wealth of genealogy databases, passenger immigration records, census records, family histories and access to thousands of published genealogy books. Published family trees from other users are also posted on their web site.
  • Ancestry.com - Ancestry.com is another of the largest and most complete collections of genealogy records available on the Internet. Their genealogy database records include everything from census records, marriage records, social security death records to complete newspapers records dating back into the 1800's. Published family trees from other users are also posted on their web site.
  • FamilySearch.org - This excellent site will gives you access to many of the records that have been compiled by The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints (Mormon Church) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although their complete microfilm library is not available online, the content of their freely accessible genealogy databases is incredible. Included are marriage records, birth records, baptism records, social security death records and census records.
  • The US GenWeb Project - Their main site has a clickable map that will take you to any state, and then in turn to any county. The individual county sites have been put up by volunteers and their content varies widely. Many of the better county genealogy sites are tremendous sources of a wide variety of genealogy information including transcribed census records, marriage records, land records, cemetery records, biographies and old maps. We have personally found a large amount of our own family's genealogy information on these US GenWeb county sites.
  • RootsWeb.com - This site features one of the most popular genealogy message boards on the Internet which is fully searchable using a variety of advanced search criteria. You'll also find a repository of published family trees posted by other users.
  • Historic U.S. Maps - Having access to maps from the 1800's is an essential  part of doing genealogy research. Our own personal collection includes maps of each state, each county, and (in most cases) of each township where our ancestors lived. Having access to good maps helps bring your ancestor's to life as you can clearly see the locations where they and their spouses were born, migrated, and lived. This particular site has numerous collections of maps dating back to the settling of America. Of particular interest are the excellent maps of each state from 1895.

This short list is meant to serve only as a starting point if you're new to genealogy and trying to find some excellent web sites to begin your genealogy research. Other good sources of genealogy information on the Internet are the genealogy societies within every county, local, county and state libraries that have a genealogy collection, and state sponsored sites that provide searchable databases for marriages, land records and deaths within the state.

As you build your family tree, we hope you'll keep us in mind as a source where you can come to print your family tree charts. If you have any questions about any of our genealogy chart printing services, please call us at 630-653-8400 (international callers can also see below) or e-mail us at sales@ancestryprinting.com.  And, if you haven't already done so please watch the video about our services.



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