Family Tree Printing With A Satisfaction Guarantee!

Whether your genealogy chart is for a family reunion, a gift, or a working chart of your own, we want you to feel confident that you have selected the best company to print your family tree chart.  That's why we stand behind our work with a complete money-back satisfaction guarantee.

If we fail to print your chart as it was designed, or make any type of error in the printing process, we will correct the error or refund your money.  Simply notify us immediately upon receiving your chart, and then return it to us within 5 days.

Our guarantee does not apply to errors in your data that you may discover after printing, so please check your data thoroughly before sending us your file for printing.  Our guarantee does not apply to any errors or omissions that may occur if we are importing a GEDCOM file, so please check over any proof we send you thoroughly before printing.  You should also make sure that you have selected a large enough font as well.  For some unknown reason, Family Tree Maker and other genealogy software programs use default fonts that are 6 and 7 points in size.  While these may be fine for viewing on your monitor when you zoom in, you should increase them to 10 points or larger for printing.   Eleven or twelve points is better.  Please see our page about Family Tree Maker printing tips for further information.

Our satisfaction guarantee which applies to charts which we print directly from genealogy software does not apply to any of our stock blank charts or custom designed blank charts.  Our satisfaction guarantee for charts printed from genealogy software is a guarantee of workmanship performance.  All sales are final, so make sure you really like what you're ordering as there are no returns or exchanges because you don't like how a blank or custom designed blank chart looks.

Contact us if you have questions

Please call us at 630-653-8400 or e-mail us at sales@ancestryprinting.com if you have any questions about calculating the cost of printing your family tree charts or submitting your order.  International callers can also Skype us if preferred; however, we ask that you email us to set up a convenient time for a Skype to Skype call.  We are located in the central time zone of the U.S. (GMT/UTC-6 and -5 in the summer), and can make arrangements for incoming Skype to Skype calls up to around 10:00 PM local time on most nights. We only accept Skype to Skype calls that have been pre-arranged by email.  And, if you haven't already done so please watch the video about our services.


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